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The Ninth Heart with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Fantasy$post_idHorror Movies The Ninth Heart

The Ninth Heart

Original titleDeváté srdce
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 6.8Views: 3516Subs:
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 6.8Views: 3516
The Ninth Heart with English subtitles is a 1979 Czechoslovak horror film directed by Juraj Herz.

The vagrant student Martin volunteers for a quest to cure princess Adriana, who is kept ill by a queer sort of disease. He does in no way anticipate that the princess is under the spell of the powerful magician Andlobrandini, who is preparing a rejuvenating elixir prepared with the blood of nine human children’s hearts.

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The Ninth Heart (Deváté srdce) with English subtitles

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