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Articles about Eastern European Cinematography

On the Silver Globe 1988 On the Silver Globe (1988): A Cinematic Odyssey through Time and Space 01.09.2023

The narrative revolves around a Polish science-fiction masterpiece, “On the Silver Globe (Na srebrnym globie)” penned by Jerzy Żuławski in the early 1900s. This lunar exploration tale, recorded as a diary by one of the explorers, was a significant part of Polish literature at the time. The story follows the journey of the first humans […]

Sexmission (Seksmisja) Sexmission (Seksmisja) – A Cult Classic Of Polish Cinema 11.08.2023

Sexmission (Seksmisja), a 1984 Polish film directed by the legendary Juliusz Machulski, remains a widely beloved film for audiences worldwide, even nearly four decades after its release. It has stood the test of time due to its audacious satirical humor, prescient social commentary, and expertly crafted narrative, offering an enjoyable viewing experience while also instigating […]

The Shaman 1996 The Shaman (Szamanka) 1996: A Paradigm Shift in Cinema 21.07.2023

“The Shaman” (Szamanka) is a 1996 film that continues to inspire, captivate, and mystify audiences worldwide. The movie has significantly impacted global cinema by setting new standards for narrative structure and aesthetic styles, merging them with culturally and politically loaded narratives. Synopsis of the Film “The Shaman” boldly explores the rational and primal dichotomy. Petry […]

The Story of Sin 1975 The Story of Sin (1975): An Unforgotten Gem of Polish Cinema 30.06.2023

“The Story of Sin” (Dzieje Grzechu) is a 1975 Polish drama film directed by Walerian Borowczyk, an artist known for uniquely visionary films that combined surrealism, eroticism, and often shocking imagery. This film, starring Grażyna Długołęcka in the lead role, is a powerful representation of the tumultuous period it was created and remains a significant […]

The Top 10 Czechoslovak Films: A Look into Its Unique Cinematic History 16.06.2023

Czechoslovak cinema has played a unique role in the history of world cinema. Emerging from the cultural mosaic of Central Europe, it stands apart for its distinctive style, socially-conscious narratives, and impressive capability to balance between the aesthetics of Western cinema and Eastern (Soviet) ideologies. The Uniqueness of Czechoslovak Cinema Czechoslovak cinema significantly evolved throughout […]

Daisies The Artistic Genius of Věra Chytilová: A Dive into “Daisies” and Beyond 15.05.2023

Věra Chytilová is a name that resonates strongly in Czechoslovakian cinema. Her filmmaking prowess was a testament to the power of artistic expression, especially during the Prague Spring period. Among her remarkable works, “Daisies” (1966), “Wolf’s Hole” (1987), “Fruit of Paradise” (1970), and “Panelstory or Birth of a Community” (1980) stood out for their vivid […]

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The Third Part of the Night The Eerie Beauty of “The Third Part of the Night” (1971): An Exploration into Andrzej Żuławski’s Surrealist Masterpiece 20.04.2023

Set against the haunting backdrop of Nazi-occupied Poland, “The Third Part of the Night” (1971) offers a stirring and poignant exploration of war, loss, and human survival. This surrealist masterpiece, directed by Andrzej Żuławski, is recognized as one of the most profound films of the Polish Cinema. This film is now available for streaming on […]

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