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The Proud Princess with english subtitles
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The Proud Princess

Original titlePyšná princezna
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.6Views: 3835Subs:
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.6Views: 3835
The Proud Princess with English subtitles is a 1952 Czechoslovak fairytale film, directed by Bořivoj Zeman.

It’s very human and nice story about lofty princess (her father is amiable but incapable – unforgettable performance of S. Neumann) and good, nice, kind and well-principled young king (prince) who tries to make tender her calm heart to get married with her. After being refused (she’s very capricious), he conclude to make her better. He start to work as a gardener at her castle (in secret) and successively bring she to her senses…The story continues when already reformed princess and the young king (she learn about his real identity later) have to take refuge from troops, that princess father (old king) has sent (of course he took a bad and mean counsellors advice). They have to take shelter by several ordinary and poor families, which are always very friendly and give them a help… Of course the tale has happy end.

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The Proud Princess (Pyšná princezna) with English subtitles

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