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Holiday Storm with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Family movies Holiday Storm

Holiday Storm

Original titleFeriengewitter
Country: Germany
IMDB: 6.9Views: 3800Subs:
Country: Germany
IMDB: 6.9Views: 3800
Holiday Storm with English subtitles is a 1989 East Germany family film produced at DEFA.

Summer holidays are beginning for 13 years old Daniel, a boy from East Berlin. He does not know yet that his parents are going to get divorced. They are afraid of Daniel`s reaction, so they have not told him about their decision until now. Together they drive to a village in the mountains. There Daniel finally recognizes the truth about his parents marital problems. When Daniel has an accident, this brings his parents together again, at least for the moment…

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Holiday Storm (Feriengewitter) with English subtitles

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