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Hanussen with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama$post_idHistorical Movies Hanussen


Original titleHanussen
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.2Views: 1050Subs: en fr it pt ro es tr
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.2Views: 1050
Subs: en fr it pt ro es tr
Hanussen with English French Spanish Italian Romanian Portuguese Turkish subtitles

A man’s story parallels Hitler’s rise. Austrian Klaus Schneider, wounded in World War I, recovers in the care of Dr. Emil Bettleheim. Bettleheim discovers that Schneider possesses powers of empathy and of clairvoyance, such that could aid suicidal patients. After the war, with one friend as his manager and another as his lover, Schneider changes his name to Eric Jan Hanussen and goes to Berlin, as a hypnotist and clairvoyant performing in halls and theaters. He always speaks the truth, which brings him to the attention of powerful Nazis. He predicts their rise (good propaganda for them) and their violence (not so good). He’s in pain and at risk. What is Hanussen’s future?

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Hanussen (Hanussen) with English subtitles

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