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The Story of Little Mook with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Family movies$post_idFantasy The Story of Little Mook

The Story of Little Mook

Original titleDie Geschichte vom kleinen Muck
Country: Germany
IMDB: 6.8Views: 103Subs: en de es
Country: Germany
IMDB: 6.8Views: 103
Subs: en de es
The Story of Little Mook with English German Spanish subtitles is a 1953 feature film directed by Wolfgang Staudte, adapted from the 19th century fairy tale, Little Muck, written by Wilhelm Hauff. It was most successful film in East Germany.

An old man living in an oriental city tells the story of his life to a group of kids: He too was once a young boy by the name of Little Muck – much like them, but with better manners and a heap of problems. Having lost his father at early age, little Muck is expelled from home by his greedy relatives. He wanders off into the desert hoping to find the merchant who sells good fortune. Amidst the dunes of sand he comes across a small house owned by a wicked woman and her many cats. She wants to make Little Muck her servant, but he manages to escape by stealing a pair of magic shoes which enable him to run faster than any man in the country. From there he heads right into the next set of challenges…

Watch online The Story of Little Mook with English, German, Spanish subtitles


The Story of Little Mook (German)

The Story of Little Mook (English)

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The Story of Little Mook (Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck) with English subtitles

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