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Eastern European Movies Comedy Cutting It Short

Cutting It Short

Original titlePostřižiny
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.9Views: 15322Subs: en
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.9Views: 15322
Subs: en
Cutting It Short a comedic gem from Czechoslovak cinema in 1980, came to life under the adept direction of Jiří Menzel. The film’s narrative is rooted in the eloquent prose of Bohumil Hrabal’s eponymous novel.

We’re drawn into the world of Francin, a diligent manager steering the operations of a small-town brewery. His life’s foil, an enchanting wife named Maryska, is as renowned for her voluptuous blonde hair as she is for her unconventional love for meat and beer. Francin, in stark contrast, maintains an ascetic lifestyle.

Their lives take a tumultuous turn when the stern-faced brewery board of directors descend upon the town to scrutinize the accounts. Maryska, however, proves to be a diversion they hadn’t accounted for. She masterfully organizes and partakes in a local pig slaughter, extending an irresistible offer to the directors to partake in the freshly prepared feast, steering their attention away from Francin’s meticulous reports.

Caught between the uncertainty of a permanent contract and the sudden arrival of his boisterous, eccentric brother Pepin, Francin’s life is far from being uneventful.

The film’s unique charm didn’t go unnoticed on an international scale — it was a competitive entry at the 38th Venice Film Festival, a testament to its cinematic prowess.

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Cutting It Short (Postřižiny) — A Charming Slice of Life

Director's Vision

Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Jiří Menzel in 1981, "Cutting It Short" is a light-hearted, nostalgic reflection on the simpler times of early 20th-century rural Czechoslovakia. Drawing from the director's characteristic playful humor and the exquisite performance by the actors, this film stands as an essential piece in Eastern European cinema.

The Main Character

Set in the charming, laid-back brewery in a small village, the film focuses on the mischievous, radiant young wife of the brewery manager, played with infectious joy by the magnetic actress Magda Vášáryová. She is an effervescent spirit, her lively escapades and her long, cascading hair becoming the center of attraction and talk of the small community. Meanwhile, her older, more traditional husband, played by Jiří Schmitzer, is content to let her enjoy her freedom while he keeps himself busy with the affairs of the brewery.

Impact on the Viewer

"Cutting It Short" leaves a long-lasting impression on its viewers with its unpretentious charm and good-natured humor. A tribute to the joys of life and the free spirit, the film is rich in its narrative while being poignant in its subtlety. It paints a vivid picture of a world where simple pleasures are appreciated, offering a welcome respite from the fast-paced, technology-driven world we live in today.

The Significance of the Film

In a world saturated with hard-hitting dramas and complex narratives, "Cutting It Short" provides a refreshing change of pace. It is a testament to Menzel's talent that the film, despite its seemingly simplistic narrative, has layers of complexity hidden beneath its surface. It is a celebration of life, freedom, and joy, presented through the lens of an innocent, bygone era.

Moreover, the film is a significant entry in the annals of Eastern European cinema for its portrayal of rural Czechoslovak life, offering a rare glimpse into the culture and the people of the time.


"Cutting It Short" is a delightful cinematic experience, weaving together humor, nostalgia, and an enduring narrative. The film is an ode to the small joys of life, presented through the eyes of a vibrant, free-spirited woman. For those who appreciate Eastern European cinema, "Cutting It Short" is an unmissable gem that offers both entertainment and thoughtful reflection.

Cutting It Short (Postřižiny) with English subtitles

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