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The Three Veterans with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Adventure$post_idComedy$post_idFamily movies The Three Veterans

The Three Veterans

Original titleTři veteráni
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.9Views: 3254Subs:
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.9Views: 3254
The Three Veterans with English Russian Czech subtitles is a 1984 Czechoslovakian comedy/fantasy film directed, by Jirí Menzel.

It is a story of three veterans released from the army. During one night spent camping in the country they one by one wake up and meet three elvish brothers. Each of the veterans is given a magic item – one gets magic harp that provides him with servants by wish, other one endless pouch of gold and the last one owns magic hat that can create all the staff excluding money and people.

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The Three Veterans (Tři veteráni) with English subtitles

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