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Eastern European Movies Comedy Panelstory or Birth of a Community

Panelstory or Birth of a Community

Original titlePanelstory Aneb Jak Se Rodí Sídliště
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 6.9Views: 2868Subs: cs
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 6.9Views: 2868
Subs: cs
Panelstory or Birth of a Community is a comedic take on the experiences of urban life, released in 1981 by the esteemed Czechoslovakian director, Vera Chytilová. The story centers around a curious old man embarking on a winding journey through a confusingly laid-out and largely unfinished housing estate in Prague. He is in search of the high-rise apartment where he is meant to begin a new chapter of life with his daughter’s family.

In this confusing labyrinth of construction and chaos, the old man from the rural regions is intrigued by the novelty of city life. Ever the chatterbox, he is keenly observant and takes in every minute detail of his surroundings. His endearing and helpful nature shine through as he navigates through the urban maze, eager to extend a hand to anyone in need.

An interesting depiction of the clash between rural simplicity and urban complexity, Chytilová’s film beautifully captures the essence of human adaptability and the enduring spirit of community. The humorous undertones and engaging plotline make “Panelstory or Birth of a Community” an insightful yet enjoyable portrayal of life in a burgeoning housing estate.

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Panelstory or Birth of a Community (1981): A Portrait of Urban Life

The Director's Vision

Renowned Czech filmmaker Věra Chytilová brought to life a realistic and raw portrayal of community living in the 1981 film, "Panelstory or Birth of a Community" ("Panelstory Aneb Jak Se Rodí Sídliště"). Known for her fearless exploration of societal norms and structures, Chytilová turns her lens towards the world of mass housing development projects, underlining the stark reality of urban life.

The Narrative

The movie unfolds the story of an emerging residential estate where the diverse array of residents coexist, fight, and dream. Chytilová, using her knack for allegorical storytelling, conveys the complex dynamics that shape a community in such a setting.

Main Characters

Chytilová's casting choices were apt for the roles, delivering performances that resonated with the raw and authentic environment depicted in the film. The ensemble cast, made up of various characters ranging from the construction workers to the young couple waiting for their apartment, mirror the diversity typical of a community living within a residential estate.

Impact on the Viewer

Chytilová's depiction of a residential housing estate isn't dressed up or romanticized. She reveals the grim reality behind the facade of communal living. Through the varied perspectives of its inhabitants, viewers are offered an unsweetened look into the bureaucratic processes, delays, disorder, and the daily struggle of the people living within such spaces.

The movie also addresses the environmental implications of such housing projects, echoing concerns that remain relevant today. The film's impact on viewers lies in its candid portrayal of the intricacies of human life in a concrete urban environment.


"Panelstory or Birth of a Community" stands as an enduring testament to Chytilová's commitment to dissecting societal norms through her craft. Its enduring relevance stems from its raw, unfiltered depiction of the birth and growth of a community within a mass housing project. Its keen observation of humanity in the midst of a concrete jungle continues to resonate with audiences today, particularly for those intrigued by the cinematic history of Eastern Europe. With this film, Chytilová paints a vivid portrait of the community, highlighting its strife, resilience, and unyielding spirit. It is indeed a significant addition to the library of those interested in Eastern European cinema.

Panelstory or Birth of a Community (Panelstory Aneb Jak Se Rodí Sídliště) with English subtitles

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