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Alice with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Adventure$post_idFantasy Alice


Original titleNěco z Alenky
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.5Views: 14446Subs: ar nl en fr it pt ru es tr
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.5Views: 14446
Subs: ar nl en fr it pt ru es tr
Alice with its original Czech title “Něco z Alenky” translating to “Something from Alice”, is a fascinating fusion of dark fantasy and stark realism. The innovative creation is the brainchild of Jan Švankmajer, a visionary who masterfully blends live-action with stop-motion animation in his storytelling.

In this adventurous adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s revered “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (1865), Alice, brought to life by Kristýna Kohoutová, plunges into an otherworldly realm following a white rabbit. Her journey in this bewildering wonderland is characterized by strikingly unconventional production design that sets the film apart.

“Alice” marks Švankmajer’s first foray into feature-length cinema after an illustrious two-decade-long career dedicated to short film direction. His version of Alice’s journey stems from his dissatisfaction with previous adaptations that reduced Carroll’s complex narrative to simple fairy tales. Švankmajer intended his film to reflect the chaotic and uncensored nature of dreams, devoid of morality.

Appreciated by critics and audiences alike, “Alice” won the feature film award at the prestigious 1989 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The film’s unwavering commitment to preserving the dreamlike quality of the original story truly embodies Švankmajer’s audacious and unfiltered artistic approach, making it a cinematic masterpiece that continues to inspire.

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Alice (Něco z Alenky) 1988: A Fresh Approach to an Enduring Classic

Director's Vision

From the mind of Jan Švankmajer, a Czech surrealist filmmaker celebrated for his unique cinematic language, comes an innovative interpretation of Lewis Carroll's timeless classic — "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." The 1988 film "Alice" (Něco z Alenky) marks Švankmajer's full-length directorial debut, offering a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the familiar narrative through his characteristic stop-motion animation.

The Main Character

Alice, played by Kristýna Kohoutová, navigates this surrealist world with a sense of wide-eyed curiosity and a subtle maturity far beyond her years. Kohoutová's nuanced portrayal injects an eerie realism into the eccentric and sometimes macabre world of Wonderland, masterfully capturing the bizarre nature of Carroll's work and Švankmajer's vision.

Stop-motion Animation and Cinematography

Švankmajer transforms ordinary objects into active participants in Alice's journey. His artistry in stop-motion animation breathes life into everything from inkwells transforming into creatures to a sock puppet metamorphosing into a fanged beast. The almost tactile sense of texture achieved by the film's cinematography adds an extra layer of reality to the surreal narrative, enhancing the immersive quality of the story.

Impact on the Viewer

The film blurs the lines between the real and fantastical, between the familiar and the bizarre. It incites a sense of curiosity and unsettles simultaneously, provoking the audience to challenge their perceptions of reality. Viewers are encouraged to immerse themselves in this peculiar world, revealing the enduring power of Carroll's work through a lens of uncanny surrealist artistry.


"Něco z Alenky" is not merely a cinematic adaptation but a reinterpretation of a much-loved classic. It takes a beloved tale and crafts something new, capturing the core essence of the original while daring to tread into uncharted territories. This film's significance is not merely rooted in its unique aesthetic or unsettling charm but its daring reinvention of a classic tale. "Alice" reaffirms Švankmajer's status as an influential figure in Eastern European cinema, an icon whose work continues to inspire filmmakers and audiences alike.

Alice (Něco z Alenky) with English subtitles

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