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Lunacy with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Animation$post_idComedy$post_idDrama Lunacy


Original titleŠílení
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.3Views: 3954Subs:
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.3Views: 3954
Lunacy with English Russian Spanish Portuguese Arabic subtitles is a 2005 Czech film by Jan Švankmajer.

Loosely based on two short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and inspired by the works of the Marquis de Sade. In 19th century France a young man is plagued by nightmares in which he is dragged off to a madhouse. On the journey back from his mother’s funeral he is invited by a Marquis he meets at lunch to spend the night in his castle. There he witnesses a blasphemous orgy and a ‘therapeutic’ funeral. He tries to flee but is taken to a lunatic asylum where the patients have complete freedom and the staff are locked up behind bars.

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Lunacy (Šílení) with English subtitles

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