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Sexmission with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Adventure$post_idComedy$post_idScience Fiction Sexmission


Original titleSeksmisja
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.8Views: 66970Subs: en it pt ru
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.8Views: 66970
Subs: en it pt ru
Sexmission released in 1984, is a remarkable cinematic work from Poland, weaving together elements of comedy, science fiction, and action in a memorable cult classic. Moreover, a subtle political satire underlies the film, reflecting the socio-political climate of the era in which it was created.

The film introduces us to two scientific researchers, chosen to participate in an experimental trial involving time and hibernation. The intent is to place them in a dormant state, with the plan of reawakening them after a span of three years. However, their peaceful slumber is disrupted by the unexpected onset of the Third World War, which leaves the Earth’s surface devoid of life.

Upon their awakening, they discover that not only has half a century elapsed, but they also represent the last remnants of the male population. They find themselves in an entirely new society situated beneath the Earth’s surface, inhabited solely by women. Their unique predicament forms the crux of this fascinating narrative, offering an intriguing exploration of gender dynamics, survival, and societal norms.

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Revisiting "Sexmission": An Icon of Eastern European Cinema

Director's Vision

Juliusz Machulski's visionary direction in the 1984 film "Sexmission" deserves commendation for its boldness, originality, and sharp wit. The auteur's clever crafting of a world dominated by women was not merely a comedic premise but a metaphorical portrayal of the oppressive communist rule that the people of Poland endured in the 1980s.

The Main Characters

The film's protagonists, Max (Jerzy Stuhr) and Albert (Olgierd Lukaszewicz), serve as the perfect conduit for the audience to explore this unconventional world. Both actors bring a distinct charm and vitality to their roles, rendering their characters endearing and relatable. Their journey in the dystopian matriarchy is fraught with comic mishaps and thought-provoking revelations, engaging the audience at multiple levels.

Plot Synopsis

"Sexmission" is set in a world where men have supposedly been eradicated, blamed for all the historical ills of society. Max and Albert, having volunteered for a hibernation experiment, wake up in this altered reality. With their very existence considered a threat, they must navigate this underground world, struggling against prejudice, misunderstanding, and a whole lot of hilarity.

Art Reflecting Reality

While the film's premise may seem outrageous, it effectively serves as a social commentary on the prevalent issues of the time. The totalitarian regime and the reversal of societal norms echo the restrictive political and social environment in 1980s Poland. Such elements are presented through a veil of humor, making the narrative both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Impact on the Viewer

The power of "Sexmission" lies in its ability to elicit both laughter and contemplation. The film doesn't merely entertain; it also invites viewers to question and ponder over societal norms and political systems. It sparks a dialogue on the concepts of freedom, equality, and resistance, which continue to be relevant in contemporary times.

Achievements and Recognition

"Sexmission" received critical acclaim for its wit, originality, and underlying social commentary. It bagged the Golden Lion at the Polish Film Festival, while also gaining recognition at the Fantasporto Film Festival. Such accolades bear testament to the film's creative triumph and its enduring appeal to audiences and critics alike.

The Lasting Legacy of "Sexmission"

"Sexmission" continues to hold its ground as a remarkable work of Eastern European cinema. Its unique blend of humor and social critique, enriched by compelling performances and insightful direction, have ensured its place in the annals of cinematic history.

For those with a penchant for Eastern European cinema, "Sexmission" offers a delightful blend of entertainment and intellect, a testament to the genre's versatility and depth. Its social and political underpinnings serve as a historical snapshot, offering viewers a glimpse into a past era through the prism of engaging storytelling.


Revisiting "Sexmission" is a journey into a fascinating world where humor meets social critique. The film's significance lies not merely in its narrative appeal but also in its reflection of a bygone era. With its sharp wit, imaginative storytelling, and brilliant performances, "Sexmission" stands tall as a cinematic gem that continues to enthrall audiences even after four decades of its release.

Sexmission (Seksmisja) with English subtitles

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