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How to Be Loved with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama How to Be Loved

How to Be Loved

Original titleJak byc kochana
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.5Views: 5792Subs: en ru
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.5Views: 5792
Subs: en ru
How to Be Loved is a Polish film released in 1963, directed by Wojciech Has. The film, based on a novel of the same name by Kazimierz Brandys, examines the emotional casualties of war, which is perhaps the central theme of the Polish Film School. On a deeper level, the film manages to construct a personal tragedy that results from a struggle of egoism and cowardice versus devotion and courage.

The film was entered into the 1963 Cannes Film Festival.

An actress travels from Warsaw to Paris and during the trip reflects on the last few years of her life. It goes back to the German occupation and her hiding of a fellow actor who has supposedly killed a collaborator. He is weak and a bit cowardly, but suffers most from not having any audience for his vanity, ego and supposed bravery. After the war he leaves her but finds out that he has been accused of cowardice. He finally commits suicide and she clears herself of a collaboration charge and eventually becomes a popular actress.

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How to Be Loved (Jak byc kochana) with English subtitles

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