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Merry-Go-Round with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama$post_idRomance Merry-Go-Round


Original titleKörhinta
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.8Views: 1607Subs: en fr pt ru es
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.8Views: 1607
Subs: en fr pt ru es
Merry-Go-Round with English Russian French Spanish Portuguese subtitles is a 1956 Hungarian drama film, directed by Zoltán Fábri, based on the short story Kútban (In the Well) by Imre Sarkadi. It was in competition at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. It was later selected to be screened in the Cannes Classics section of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

In a rural scenery in the throes of difficult changes lives a humble but promising young farmer girl called Mari Pataki. Her father forbids her from seeing the man she loves. The father, above all preoccupied by work on the fields and prospective wealth, decides to give his daughter in marriage to an old but rich man with whom he does business. Land marries land, he says. This seems to be the unyielding rule of the Hungarian peasantry. But the young lover is ready to stand up to any challenge to keep Maris love.

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Merry-Go-Round (Körhinta) with English subtitles

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