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The Dervish and Death with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama The Dervish and Death

The Dervish and Death

Original titleDerviš i smrt
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.9Views: 1234Subs:
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.9Views: 1234
The Dervish and Death with English Russian subtitles is a 1974 Yugoslav film directed by Zdravko Velimirović and based on the novel of the same name by Meša Selimović.

The film won Silver Arena (as second best film) and four Golden Arena awards at the 1974 Pula Film Festival, the Yugoslav national film awards festival, including Best Director (Zdravko Velimirović), Best Supporting Actor (Abdurrahman Shala), Best Cinematography (Nenad Jovičić) and Best Production Design (Vlastimir Gavrik).

Ahmet Nurudin is a dervish and head of the Islamic monastery of the Mevlevi order in Sarajevo. He is a personification of morale and dogmatic belief, everything that Muslim religion of the Ottoman rule rests on. Throughout his life, the atmosphere of the city, the relations with the judge and the mechanism of government, the image of Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the nineteenth century is being revealed.

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The Dervish and Death (Derviš i smrt) with English subtitles

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