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Kosta Novakovic’s films with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Documentary$post_idDrama Kosta Novakovic’s films

Kosta Novakovic’s films

Original titleGrešnica bez greha
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.3Views: 334Subs: en
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.3Views: 334
Subs: en
Kosta Novakovic’s films with English subtitles Kosta Novaković (c. 1886 in Čačak – 1939 in Moscow, USSR) was a Serbian and Yugoslav socialist politician, journalist and professor and one of the most prominent in the Serbian left-wing politics of the 20th century.

“Sinner Without Sin” (1927): A young village girl with traditional upbringing comes to the big city where she meets an elegant man. She forgets about her boyfriend, and everything goes fine until she discovers that he’s a vicious bank robber, finding herself being arrested as an accomplice. Her boyfriend decides to save her.

“The Celebration of 550th Anniversary of the Kosovo Battle” (1939): Yugoslavian documentary, about their people and preparing for war.

“Журнал Новаковиђа”

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Kosta Novakovic’s films (Grešnica bez greha) with English subtitles

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