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H-8… with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama H-8…


Original titleH-8…
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 8.5Views: 637Subs:
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 8.5Views: 637
H-8… with English subtitles is a 1958 Yugoslav film directed by Nikola Tanhofer.

A bus and a truck are moving towards each other along a two-way traffic highway on a rainy day. At the very beginning we learn that a reckless driver of another car will cause them to collide while trying to pass the bus; we even learn what seats will spell doom for their occupants. The rest of the movie follows two streams of events on the bus and on the truck, getting us to know and like a wide variety of characters, wondering which ones will end up being casualties and holding breath for our favourites. The epilogue brings some more surprises…

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H-8… (H-8…) with English subtitles

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