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Night Train with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Mystery$post_idThrillers Night Train

Night Train

Original titlePociag
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.9Views: 6006Subs: ar en fa pt ru es tr
Country: Poland
IMDB: 7.9Views: 6006
Subs: ar en fa pt ru es tr
Night Train with English Russian Spanish Turkish Portuguese Arabic Persian subtitles is a 1959 film directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

Two strangers, Jerzy and Marta, accidentally end up holding tickets for the same sleeping chamber on an overnight train to the Baltic Sea coast. Also on board is Marta’s spurned lover, who will not leave her alone. When the police enter the train in search of a murderer on the lam, rumors fly and everything seems to point toward one of the main characters as the culprit.

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Night Train (Pociag) with English subtitles

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