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I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Comedy$post_idScience Fiction I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen

I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen

Original titleZabil jsem Einsteina, pánové...
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.0Views: 3472Subs:
Country: Czechoslovakia
IMDB: 7.0Views: 3472
I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen with Czech subtitles is a 1969 Czechoslovak science fiction comedy film, directed by Oldřich Lipský. In the film, a character uses a device which as been likened to a selfie stick, several decades before its invention.

This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit meeting is held at the United Nations, with the proposed solution of building a time machine. The decision is made to travel back in time and murder Einstein, with the hopeful result being that without the noted mathematician’s research there will be no atomic bombs.

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I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (Zabil jsem Einsteina, pánové...) with English subtitles

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