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The Master and Margaret with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama$post_idFantasy The Master and Margaret

The Master and Margaret

Original titleIl maestro e Margherita
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.4Views: 2412Subs:
Country: Yugoslavia
IMDB: 6.4Views: 2412
The Master and Margaret with English German subtitles is a 1972 Italian-Yugoslav film directed by Aleksandar Petrović.

The Master and Margaret (1972) is based on the eponymous book by Mikhail A. Bulgakov. The film is set in the Soviet Union under Stalin, it has several story-lines, that are intertwined. Maestro Nikolai Masoudov (Tognazzi), a talented writer, and his assistant Margaret (Farmer), are working on a biblical story of Pontius Pilate (Tadic). The Satan – Woland (Cuny), and his lieutenants, are harassing Master by surveillance, by killing his friend, and sending another friend to Gulag prison in Siberia. Victimized by their harassment, Master becomes paranoid, and is locked up in a mental institution. Margaret is trying to save him regardless of the danger.

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The Master and Margaret (Il maestro e Margherita) with English subtitles

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