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Kaloyan with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama$post_idHistorical Movies Kaloyan


Original titleКалоян
Country: Bulgaria
IMDB: 7.9 Views: 2752 Subs:
Country: Bulgaria
IMDB: 7.9 Views: 2752
Kaloyan with English Russian subtitles is a 1963 Bulgarian drama film directed, by Dako Dakovski.

1197. King Kaloyan ascends the throne in hard times for Bulgaria. The country is still recovering from a century of Byzantine subjugation. He is forced to carry out a very flexible foreign policy in order to strength his positions. Pope Innocent III recognizes him as Emperor (Tsar), but a little later the fourth Crusade crosses the country under Emperor Baldwin. A new conflict is coming. Tsar Kaloyan wages the decisive battle at Adrianople and wins.

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Kaloyan (Калоян) with English subtitles

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