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Budapest Tales with english subtitles
Eastern European Movies Drama Budapest Tales

Budapest Tales

Original titleBudapesti mesék
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 6.8Views: 3509Subs:
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 6.8Views: 3509
Budapest Tales with English Russian Czech subtitles is a 1976 Hungarian drama film, directed by István Szabó. It was entered into the 1977 Cannes Film Festival.

The films is about a group of people (consisting of Szabo regular Andras Balint along with Ildiko Bansagi and Karoly Kovacs) who find a broken down tram while trying to go to the city. The people band together and try to get the tram back on the train tracks and head towards the city. Along this journey the passengers encounter many people who join them on the tram. What started out as only a handful of people has now turned into a small village. As the people travel on to the city each person takes on certain roles and through the course of time these roles will change. Some people fall in love, others out of love, and a few even die. But life goes on. The people keep the tram going hoping to reach Budapest.

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Budapest Tales (Budapesti mesék) with English subtitles

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