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The Man from London with english subtitles
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The Man from London

Original titleA Londoni férfi
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.1Views: 848Subs:
Country: Hungary
IMDB: 7.1Views: 848
The Man from London with English subtitles is a 2007 Hungarian film directed by Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky. It is an adaptation by Tarr and his collaborator-friend László Krasznahorkai of the 1934 French language novel L’Homme de Londres by prolific Belgian writer Georges Simenon.

A switchman at a seaside railway witnesses a murder but does not report it after he finds a suitcase full of money at the scene of the crime.

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The Man from London (A Londoni férfi) with English subtitles

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